Looking after your Tāmaki Housing home Looking after your Tāmaki Housing home

Looking after your Tāmaki Housing home

We want you to feel right at home. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about keeping your Tamaki Housing home comfortable, safe and healthy.

Other frequently asked questions

How long do repairs take?

If you need an urgent repair we will try to get to your home within four hours to keep you and your family safe. It is important that you or another adult are at home to let us in when we get there. Urgent repairs are things like:

  • Overflowing toilet 
  • Bad water leaks
  • No power or water
  • Electrical safety faults
  • Broken windows or doors that make your home unsafe
  • Oven not working
  • Broken smoke alarms

When you need less urgent repairs, we will check with you about the best time for us to come. We will try to complete these types of repairs within two weeks. Less urgent repairs can be:

  • Fixing door handles
  • Oven light not working
  • An element on the stove not working
  • Painting inside the house
  • Painting outside the house

Sometimes we need to order new parts or materials. In that case, repairs will take a little longer. We will always let you know if we can’t finish the repair job on the first visit.

Who will fix things in your home?

Work in Tāmaki Housing homes is done by Spencers and their experienced contractors. Spencers have worked in this area for over 30 years. All our maintenance team people carry photo identification. You can ask to see this at any time.

Our maintenance team will call you to agree on a time to do non-urgent work. They will talk to you about any safety precautions that are needed while they are working. They will respect your privacy and treat your home and belongings with care.

It’s really helpful if you can make sure someone is at home at the time you arranged with a contractor. If you are not there, your repairs will be delayed, and it can also prevent the maintenance team from getting other work done on time.

Looking after your section and backyard

Mowing the lawn and berm (the grass by the road outside your house), and weeding the garden is your responsibility.

Have a talk with your tenancy manager before planting any shrubs or trees, or making other changes in your backyard. This is to make sure the changes will not cause damage or later issues.

If you don’t have your own mower or weed eater, you may be able to use one of the community mowers or weed eaters available in Glen Innes, Point England or Panmure. All you need to do is arrange a collection time, write your details in the book and return the mower clean. Remember to keep yourself and others safe when using any power equipment.

To see if there is a mower and/or weed eater near you, please call us.

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