Youth take lead at Maybury event

29 SEP, 2019 | Tāmaki News

Bringing the Glen Innes community together through local events is a clear goal on Christian and Jordan Makea’s radar.

The brothers from Ruapotaka Marae’s Te Āmiorangi youth group had the opportunity to collaborate with Tāmaki Regeneration (TRC), event management company Open Fort and other local young people to create the Maybury Park Fair.

The event explored how a new green space that will eventually become part of Maybury Reserve could be used through a variety of different activities.
“Youth have always had a voice but being at the forefront with Tāmaki Regeneration and Open Fort felt we were more like the facilitators, rather than just helping,” Christian says “We were facilitating what everyone was doing. It was definitely a new experience for both of us.” The opportunity for the brothers to get involved came about through Tamaki Regeneration’s relationship with Ruapotaka Marae. “The planning aspect was amazing. We had an opportunity to ask ‘what do you want to see out there,?’” Christian says. “The youth revolved around the idea of how can we make this the best fit for the event? “We are proud of what we did for our community.” Following the workshopping of ideas, they had three different areas of focus – sports, carnival and a graffiti wall. On the day itself, Jordan ran the carnival-style games, while Christian looked after the sportsbased activities. “It was a huge opportunity and a privilege to be a part of the event,” Jordan says. “The event itself was awesome. We got so many positive responses. Everyone was on board with what was happening.”Jordan says he enjoyed runningthe carnival games for local children. “All the kids were loving it.” And being involved in the Maybury event was an eyeopener, Jordan says. “There’s plenty of logistical stuff to think about, getting the day sorted and organising people. “There’s a lot behind that success.” TRC regeneration and placemaking general manager Joanna Brain says it’s fantastic to work with the community when organising local events. “Working with the community on these events means they are highly engaged in creating activities that they really want to be involved in. “It’s exciting to see people come along and enjoy themselves, which makes everyone’s hard work worthwhile.”

Local events like the Maybury Park Fair help break down barriers  bring everyone together, Christian says. “If the community had more things like this, it would only help strengthen community engagement. “Knowing that Tāmaki Regeneration is keen to help is what makes us feel able to call on that support if we need it.” Christian says it was also a learning opportunity that encouraged the community to engage with a new space. “It inspired our youth and made them think about what else they can do.” That inspiration includes a gala day organised by Te Āmiorangi at the marae in June. “We’ve lived here all of our lives, so if we can make a change in the community, it’s great to be at the forefront. “It’s a positive for the community.”
*The Maybury Park Fair is one of several events set to run in Tāmaki leading into summer. Keep an eye out for the next issue of Mai Tamaki and on our Facebook page to find out more.